EU Pig Prices: Still Waiting for a Turnaround – Quotations Unchanged

2019 02 05

The quotations are remaining unchanged for the most part on the European pigs-mature-for-slaughter market this current week of slaughter. The turnaround which is being hoped for with regard to pigs-for-slaughter prices has not yet been heralded.


Apart from in Germany, the quotations are also remaining unchanged in the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, France, and in Austria. The German leading quotation still treading water week after week is indeed causing criticism and resignation. This is because the quantities of pigs for slaughter on offer have been clearly decreasing in Germany until most recently, meeting unbroken demand on the part of the livestock marketers.


After the Netherlands very cautiously stepped out of line with their slight plus last week compared with most of the other EU member countries, the Spanish quotation appears to marginally go up by 0.5 cents this week. In Spain, too, the quantities of live pigs on offer start decreasing. All in all, the Spanish are maintaining their corrected 1.36 euros per kg slaughter weight, thus keeping the top rank in the European price structure of the five EU member countries most significant in pig keeping.


Market participants in France are complaining about the continually well and sufficient quantities of pigs for slaughter on offer. Positive impulse is expected to result from the positive price development observed in Germany. The market participants in mainland UK are still hoping for stronger demand at the beginning of the month.


Trend for the German market:

Compared with last week’s values, the market situation has not changed so far. On the local pigs-for-slaughter market, the quantities of live pigs on offer continue to be scarce. The belated increase of quotations might now be unstoppable.


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