EU Pig Prices: Quotations Look Like Carved in Stone – Markets Still Balanced


The pigs-mature-for-slaughter market could not be shaken last week. Market changes are far from being in sight. The quotations just look like being set in concrete, with almost nothing else but unchanged quotations being reported on in this current week of slaughter. Great Britain alone has quoted slightly downward.


Throughout Europe, extensive quantities of pigs for slaughter are on offer. Demand as well is being on quite a high level. Therefore, the conditions are rather well balanced. As is heard from various directions, a shortage in supply would be needed in order to achieve higher pigs-for-slaughter prices. Positive trends are made much more difficult to achieve in the European environment because of the German leading quotation failing to set any kind of positive signal.


Depending on the consumption habits, the demand for pork most recently went up considerably in the European member countries’ meat markets. Demand in Germany proves to be a little more vivid now, which might also get even more so before Christmas. From experience, it may be expected that demand for high-quality parts in particular will then increase. The same is heard from Austria.


As is generally known, tastes are different. So, as is stated by a French market participant, pork is not particularly prepared for the traditional French Christmas menu. In France, people prefer other meat or fish on their plates. At the same time, the French currently have to cope with logistical problems caused by the Gilets Jaunes protest campaigns.


The Spanish will be celebrating their Constitution on 6 December. As is presumed by a market participant, the slaughter activities will most probably be reduced only slightly.


Trend for the German market:

Demand for live pigs continues to be undamped on the local pigs-mature-for-slaughter market. The slaughter belts are still being run at full capacity; additional lots are also placed swiftly. To, the price development is expected to remain at least steady to friendly.


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