EU Pig Prices: Quotations Are Going Up Moderately – Unfair Trade Practice Observed in Germany

2018 06 12

After last week’s breathing time, the European pigs-mature-for-slaughter market shows an altogether friendly price development again. This positive mood is, however, presently deteriorating because of the German slaughter companies’ unfair trade practice.


Owing to altogether substandard quantities of live pigs on offer, the quotations for pigs for slaughter have started going up moderately in quite a few EU member countries with the domestic meat trade being calm at the same time. The price increases are ranging from a corrected 1.2 cents in France up to 3 cents recorded in Austria and Germany. Reports from France are telling about decreasing quantities of pigs for slaughter. It is said that the quantities recorded in Austria are falling by as much as 15 percent below the figures usually known at this time of the year because of the hot temperatures. From Spain, reports are also coming in on decreasing slaughter weights.


Unchanged quotations are reported on from the Netherlands and Denmark. The Danish quotation has maintained the same price level for as long as 11 weeks now. Over the whole period no amplitudes whatsoever, neither upward nor downward, have been noted.


The fact that the four largest German slaughter companies (Toennies, Vion, Westfleisch, Danish Crown) have not accepted the latest price increase because of the scarce supply situation does cause a stir indeed in the European environment, resulting in unsettledness as well as a lack of comprehension. It’s not only the German pig feeders who do hope now for the discounted prices to vanish into thin air.


Trend for the German market:

At the beginning of this week, both producers and marketers appear to be quite unsettled because of the current policy of discounted prices. According to reports, the transgressors invoicing discounted prices keep sticking to their payment prices. But: the temperatures continue to be most suitable for barbecuing, and together with the soccer world cup starting soon, the meat market will be helped to positive stimuli. From today’s point of view, it still cannot be stated which side (either feeding or processing) may be expected to win the game.


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