EU Pig Prices: Quotations are Giving In – Seasonal Market Weakness

2017 12 19

Clear price decreases are being observed on the European pigs-for-slaughter market this current week of slaughter. The majority of EU member countries are correcting their quotations downward to a noticeable extent. Spain and France alone were able to keep their quotations steady.


The German leading quotation triggered the price slide. In the run-up to the new slaughter week’s price fixing, the Toennies slaughter company had demanded a very clear price decrease last week. With the live-animals’ quantities on offer being quite extensive for seasonal reasons, a 5-cent price decline followed in Germany on Wednesday.


The Danish, Belgium and Austrian quotations followed at a similar magnitude. The Dutch quotation went down by no more than a corrected 2 cents. Yet, a week before it had gone down by 5 cents while the market situation had remained steady in other countries. The minor price decrease noted in Great Britain must be attributed to currency fluctuations.


Owing to the latest price decreases in some countries, changes are occurring in the overall European price structure. Germany is sliding off to rank 4 in the ranking of the five EU member countries most important in pig keeping. Despite their price correction, the Danish are maintaining the top rank, while Spain and France are ranking second and third. The Netherlands continue to bear the red light.


Trend for the German market:

This last complete trading week before Christmas, the pigs-for-slaughter market is running the final sprint. As is expected, the market becomes an ordering market ever more. The extensive quantities on offer are yet marketed without significant frictional losses. Further price decrease is not needed but nonetheless isn’t ruled out.


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