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EU Pig Prices: Quotations are Balanced in Many Countries – Quotations Steady

2017 02 14

A mostly sideward movement is observed on the European pigs-mature-for-slaughter market this current week of slaughter.


Meanwhile, many a market participant has lost faith in a possible price increase to occur. As a result, the German quotation has stagnated on Wednesday, for the first instance, on the level achieved: a corrected 1.47 euros per kg slaughter weight.


In the majority of EU member countries, the quotations followed with unchanged prices, among them the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, and Austria. The corrected British quotation maintained its level because of currency fluctuations.


The mood continues to be positive in the southern European countries. So, the Spanish and French pigs-for-slaughter quotations were able to go slightly up again. In France, the slaughter companies are complaining about weak demand for meat as well as about very low margins. But a price increase is being enforced because of the low quantities of live animals on offer in France. The situation is similar in Spain, so the quite manageable quantities of live animals on offer remains the determining factor on the market.


Trend for the German market:

In the course of the past week, the pigs-mature-for-slaughter market succeeded in stabilising on the level achieved. By the beginning of the week, the quantities of pigs for slaughter matches the slaughter companies’ demand. The conditions are expected to remain balanced.


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