EU Pig Prices: Pressure on the Market Makes Prices Go Down

This current week, the European pigs-mature-for-slaughter market tends weakly for the most part. Declining pigs-for-slaughter prices are recorded in many countries. On Thursday already, Denmark quoted a 2.7-cents price decrease. The German leading quotation which went down by a corrected 3 cents as a result of the slaughter companies’ exerting pressure plays a decisive role again with regard to the European price trends. Thus, Germany ranks 4th behind France, within the price structure of the five major pig keeping EU countries.

The overall extensive supply of both quantities and high slaughter weights, however, is a problem. The French market is said to be well balanced, so that the quotation moves sideward. The price trend is estimated to be steady there. Spain remains top in the European price structure with its unchanged quotation.

Trend for the German market: The quantities which remain large make it hard for the market to settle down. According to the slaughter companies, the meat business is not at all satisfying; export still is missing the stimulus. The further price development cannot be forecasted.

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