EU Pig Prices: Meat Markets are Slowing Down the Price Increase Urgently Needed for Pigs for Slaughter

2019 02 26

This current calendar week, the EU pigs-mature-for-slaughter markets are moving sideward for the most part. Nowhere but in Spain, where it went up by three cents’ plus, was the quotation able to go up noticeably. In Germany, Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands, and in Belgium the market situation remained almost unchanged, compared to last week. The quantities of pigs for slaughter on offer continue to be quite manageable; yet at the same time, demand on the part of the slaughter companies rather remained below average. From many countries, among which you find Belgium, the Netherlands, and France, there is complaints about how the slaughter weights have very much increased until this day and with them the quantities of meat on offer. Other than in Germany, the slaughter weights have not gone down in those countries over the past weeks.


There is a glimmer of hope in the Spanish pig market. There, the Chinese importers are reported to be slightly more interested in the products than they were before. As is heard, the prices had increased a little for the first time after two years, and first signs of the market getting livelier were observed after the Chinese New Year. Something similar was reported by a French market participant. Because of good demand on the part of the Spanish slaughter companies, the price went up by a converted three cents per kg slaughter weight. Compared with the other European countries, a quite remarkable 9 cents’ price increase could already be realised for 2019 so far.


Trend for the German market:

As before, the picture continues to be a split one. The quantities of pigs for slaughter on offer remain rather manageable with the batches on offer still being well demanded. On the other hand, impulse in the meat trade is missing. Contrary to the Spanish and French slaughter companies, the German slaughter companies still assure that demand from Asia continues to be sluggish. Competition pressure from that side were quite massive. As regards the days to come, the quantities of pigs for slaughter on offer must be expected to decrease, with the prices remaining at least unchanged as a consequence.


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