EU Pig Prices: Markets under Pressure – Quotations Going Clearly Down

2018 09 11

With the European pigs-mature-for-slaughter market being under strong pressure, many quotations are going clearly down.


On the one hand, the price pressure is being generated from the quantities of live pigs on offer which have gone up again recently. While the quotation went considerably down for pigs for slaughter in the Netherlands in calendar week 35 already, many other EU member countries followed with their prices no earlier than in calendar week 36.


The decisive factor for this were some German slaughter companies that adopted a defensive attitude. Moving in the loss area as to the margin, they jammed on the brakes most recently, as is heard, reducing the number of slaughters they are carrying out. This way, the pressure was increased on the live-animals’ market, causing a considerable markdown of the German leading quotation of as much as 7 cents. The corrected quotations went down by a similar value in the Netherlands, in Belgium, and in Austria. Market leader Spain also recorded a moderate corrected 2 cents’ price decrease.


The market situation is reported to remain steady in Denmark. There, the corrected quotation maintained the price level so far achieved. Yet, the Danish quotation (1.31 euros per kg) continues to bear the red light in the European price structure of the five EU member countries most important in pig keeping. The French pig feeders were able to even record a slight plus.


Trend for the German market:

After last week’s clear price decrease, the local market participants feel quite unsettled. Therefore, the pressure on the supply side continues to be noticeable at the beginning of the week. Marketing is rather tough altogether. So, the further price development tends to be quite weak.


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