EU Pig Prices: Markets Are Stabilising – Discounted Prices Off Table in Germany

2018 01 23

On the European pigs-mature-for-slaughter market, the discounted prices as quoted in Germany most recently still continue to have an effect. Again, almost all quotations were swinging back.


After discounted prices were a daily occurrence last week of slaughter at most of the leading slaughter companies in Germany, another price correction by minus 4 cents was carried out to the Germany leading quotation for this current week. The turbulences arising from the difference between the quotation level and the discounted price level exerted additional pressure on the market situation which was characterised anyway by extensive quantities of live pigs on offer.


This kind of pressure was also noticeable in the neighbouring EU member countries. So, Austria, Denmark, France and Belgium followed with further price decreases with regard to pigs for slaughter. Meanwhile, however, the supply pressure has very much gone down again. The market participants in all countries are now hoping for the meat business to recover. For seasonal reasons, the prices are usually frozen at a low level by the companies in January in order to be able to then make their profit over the barbecue season. Yet, the market participants are somewhat doubtful with regard to the approaching African swine fever and to the further price development.


The Dutch quotation was able to defy the most recent price decreases, maintaining the level achieved this current week of slaughter already. The week before, the next-door country had already decreased its quotation by 7 cents and thus a lot more than the other countries have. In Spain, the pigs-for-slaughter quotation went down only slightly.


Trend for the German market:

The local pigs-mature-for-slaughter market is continuing to stabilise. The quantities of pigs for slaughter on offer are matching the slaughter companies’ demand at the beginning of the week. From today’s point of view, the market situation may be expected to remain steady.


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