EU-Pig prices: Final spurt before Christmas – markets largely stable

2018 12 18

The European slaughter market for pigs presents itself in the current slaughter week in a final sprint just before Christmas. The quotations are mostly unchanged and stable, but some price corrections are reported from the North and South.


In fact, market participants on all sides currently put their foot down in order to have processed as much as possible before the holidays. Thus, the willingness of producers to submit is high across borders and slaughter activities continue to be extensive. The meat market also has high volume sales. All in all, European market conditions continue to be in balance at a high level.


Therefore, unchanged quotations from Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Austria are reported. Market participants in France are already concentrating on the beginning of 2019. In the first two weeks, various actions are already planned in food retailing, which gives hope for positive impulses.


In Denmark, the previous week's increase in quotations was reversed. As a result, the revised Danish listing in the European price structure of the five largest pig-keeping EU member states returns to fourth behind Germany. Quotations in the UK and Italy also fell.


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