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EU Pig Prices: Mood Remains Friendly

All over Europe, the pig prices continue to go up this week. Demand for pigs for slaughter is very brisk still, yet the prices have increased a lot more moderately.


EU Pig Prices: Quotations Continuing to Rise – Overheating Is More and More Warned Of

This current week of slaughter, the European pigs-mature-for-slaughter prices are still following the same path as they did before. The quotations have gone steeply uphill without exception most recently.


EU Pig Prices: Price Rallye Continues – Demand from China is Boosting Prices

On the European pigs-mature-for-slaughter market, the price rallye is getting the next lap started. Euphoria is continuing, and the quotations are going up considerably altogether.


EU Pig Prices: Quotations are Going Up throughout Europe – Vivid Demand from Asia

This current week of slaughter, the European pigs-for-slaughter market is going only one direction: upward all the time. The quotations are going up everywhere and generally quite robustly as a..


EU Pig Prices: Upswing Is Gathering Speed

This current week, the pigs-mature-for-slaughter quotation are developing in a friendly way.


EU Pig Prices: Waiting for Price Increases – Exports to China are Being Restarted

The European pigs-mature-for-slaughter market is still developing in an inconsistent way.


EU Pig Prices: Markets are Getting Nowhere – Prices are Still Increasing in Spain

This current week of slaughter, the European pigs-mature-for-slaughter market seems to be getting nowhere for the most part. The majority of quotations are remaining on the level achieved so far...


EU Pig Prices: Meat Markets are Slowing Down the Price Increase Urgently Needed for Pigs for Slaughter

This current calendar week, the EU pigs-mature-for-slaughter markets are moving sideward for the most part. Nowhere but in Spain, where it went up by three cents’ plus, was the quotation..


EU Pig Prices: Vernal Mood on the Pigs Market – Some Quotations Continue Going Up

The European pigs-mature-for-slaughter market partly continues its upward trend which was started last week already. In some EU member countries, the quotations are still going up.


EU Pig Prices: Quotations Finally Going Up – German Discounted Prices are Causing a Stir in the Market Situation

This current week, the European pigs-mature-for-slaughter market is finally characterised by increasing quotations in many EU member countries. Many major German slaughter companies’ discounted prices are clouding the mood.

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