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Sofern Sie ein kostenloses Probeabo für den Marktticker bestellt haben, beachten Sie bitte, dass sich dieses Probeabo lediglich auf den Marktticker bezieht!

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I agree that, in conformity with the stipulations given in the German Federal Data Protection Act and the German Federal Telemedia Act, the ISN (herein included the fully owned subsidiaries) collects, stores and uses my personal data for the purpose of executing the mutual business relationship. Disclosure of the data to third parties (such as service providers like credit institutions) shall be done for no other purpose than handling the legal relationship. None of the data will be disclosed to any third parties for promotional and market research purposes. I may withdraw this agreement at any time in written form, the written withdrawal being addressed to the ISN. I may, at any time, exercise the right of access to my personal data against the ISN related to the nature and extent of the personal data collected. ISN contact data: ISN e. V., Kirchplatz 2, D – 49401 Damme, Germany; phone: +49 5491 9665 0; fax: +49 5491 9665 19; mail:

Tablet of contribution: membership fee since 2012
basic amount for all ISN-Members 50 €€
plus the additional scaling of contributions:
up to 500 finishing pig place
or up to 100 sows
501 up to 2.000 finishing pig place
or 101 up to 300 sows
or 51 up to 150 sows in a closed herd 20 €€
from 2.001 finishing pig places
or from 301 sows
or from 151 sows in a closed herd 30 €€
companies along the supply chain pig 100 € (minimum)
membership fee Young ISN (up to 30 years) 20 €€
example calculation: pig producer with 1.500 finishing pig places: basic amount 50 €€ plus
20€ € scale of contribution results in 70€ € membership fee

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